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Maritime Hydraulic Valve Block


DNV-GL Approved Component

This OEM Component has received type certification for use in maritime applications, paving the way for rapid development of variants.


Performance Benefits of AM

Project objective achieved: 

Mass reduction: 83%

Operating pressure: 200bar

Compact design (compared to size of original block in the diagram)

Flow losses reduced 20%

Ventilation Diffuser for Singapore Customer

3d printed ventilation difffuser by thyssenkrupp for industrial applications

Part Prone to Corrosion Hazardous Failure


Industry: Land transport

Application: Ventilation system

Material group: Metal (old)-> Nylon (new)

Conventional manufacturing process(es): Sheet fabrication

3d rendering of ventilation diffuser that was 3d printed by thyssenkrupp

Performance Benefits of AM

· Reduce cost for production

· Faster fabrication process (turnaround time <1 week)

· 90% Weight reduction 

· Omni-directional internal nozzle

Kiln Gas Inlet Probe for Cement Customer

3d printed kiln temperature probe by thyssenkrupp

Improving Product Lifetime by 3X

• Gas inlet probe device helps cement industry to perform process control measures 

• But frequent probe replacement due to extreme operating conditions(900° C – 1400° C)

furnace in cement plan

Performance Benefits of AM

• tk AM experts team & cement plant design engineers developed a superior design using DfAM 

• New design of the probe enhanced the cooling capability and enabled hybrid manufacturing

• 75% cooling capability enhancement 

• 25% surface temperature reduction 

• 3x lifetime increase

Furnace System for Asia Customer

3d printed burner nozzle by thyssenkrupp

Rapid Turnaround Time for Component


Industry: Plant technology

Application: Furnace (operating temp >1000degrees C)

Material group: Custom formulation heat resistant steel

thyssenkrupp industrial plant

Performance Benefits of AM

 · Faster fabrication process (turnaround time <1 month)

· 20% material reduction

· increased corrosion resistance

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